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Website Design & Development

As part of an integrated approach, the website is a gathering tool. The more information we have about our visitors, the better it is. Our aim is to have a database of behaviours. We need to know what they connect with, what they are interested in, and where they spend their time.

Does your website work for you?  Is it your ‘best salesman’?  It should be, as in this fast-moving age, it’s the first place that your potential customers visit to find the products you offer!

Tactics to Increase Web Traffic

It’s great that you have a website; but can people find you on the web?

From Search Engine Optimisation to Google Adwords (Pay-per-Click or PPC advertising) to Social Media Optimisation; digiSTYL has the expertise and experience to increase your web traffic.



Marketing and Communications Strategy

Segmented communications with the right channel-mix, relevant content, and desired frequency is paramount.

digiSTYL ensures that the messaging focuses on ROC (Return on Customer) as well as ROI, i.e. customer value that is created or destroyed by the communications.

Graphic Design

digiSTYL’s resources have expertise in all aspects of digital design. However, creative origination of material for application in various media channels, marketing channels, online channels as well as other channels, we handle too!


Email Marketing

Effective e-mail marketing is about building relationships of trust with the recipients. You have one good chance to build this relationship. If the recipient likes what they see, they’ll be likely to open it in the future.

digiSTYL specialises in call-to-action email marketing; making sure that the communication achieves it’s objectives!

Mobile Marketing

The mobile phone may be small, but in the bigger picture it’s far from it. It’s the ultimate, ‘always there, always on’ device!

digiSTYL is passionate about mobile marketing!  Why?  Cause it’s mass-market, yet individual!  Combined with profiled and opted-in data - it allows you to connect with your target market in a segmented and meaningful way.


Profiled Consumer Data

The success of your campaign is dependant on good data! A database that is not profiled, segmented and kept up to date is useless! It not only wastes valuable marketing Rands, but in some cases is damages your brand when the message has not been targeted at the appropriate recipient.

digiSTYL has access to 24million+ profiled and geo-targeted records - all contactable via mobile; with 2.5 million of them contactable via email. PLUS! 15million+ have opted in to receiving marketing messages! Work with us to create a customer acquisition campaign that works! 


Bulk SMS

SMS for as little as 16c!

SMS is still a key communication medium in South Africa.  Coupled with profiled data; it’s an effective and measurable method for customer acquistion. 

For excellent pricing…

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