Our Services: Profiled Consumer Data

The success of your campaign is dependant on  good data!   A database that is not profiled, segmented and kept up to date is useless!

It not only wastes valuable marketing Rands, but in some cases, it damages your brand when the message has not been targeted at the appropriate recipient.

digiSTYL has access to 24million+ profiled and geo-targeted records - all contactable via mobile; with 2.5 million of them contactable via email.  PLUS! 15million+ have opted in to receiving marketing messages!  With the CPA enforceable from April 2011; we’re sure you will agree with us that data of this nature is invaluable!

Whether you are looking to run a customer acquisition or branding campaign; our data experts will work with you to target your ideal demographic.

Work with us to create a targeted campaign that works!